3 on-trend skincare product ingredients for 2021

When it comes to the beauty and personal care industry, trends are fast-moving and subject to continual change.

If you want to offer your target market the latest skincare must-haves, it’s vital that you keep on top of the most on-trend ingredients making waves in the industry. With that in mind, here are three new skincare ingredients that beauty influencers and those that follow them are eager to get their hands on this year.


Tranexamic acid

Although this ingredient sounds like it might be pretty harsh, it's actually used to improve skin pigmentation. It’s a potent brightener for dull skin and can be safely combined with other on-trend beauty ingredients such as hyaluronic acid serums. It’s very popular with those searching for the holy grail of gorgeous, glowy skin.

This new ingredient can also reduce the marks left by blemishes, making it a highly interesting proposition for those who suffer from regular acne breakouts or those looking to lessen the appearance of small scars.

It has also been linked with anti-ageing formulas thanks to its ability to brighten dull skin, so it may be worth a little further investigation as anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle products can usually command a much higher price tag.


Wild indigo

The newest plant-based ingredient to hit the global beauty market, Wild Indigo is said to calm stressed-out skin by sending out soothing signals to reduce redness, counteract external pollutants and even reduce the visible impact hormones can have on skin.

This flowering plant is reported to work by affecting the nerve endings on the skin to minimize the impact of stress and the effects of cortisol which can exacerbate skin conditions causing itchiness and scratchiness.

A must-have for those followers of plant-based beauty that continues to dominate a significant portion of the beauty and skincare sector, this ingredient can be used in many of our private label formulas to help you tap into this growing trend without the hefty product development and research costs.



A beauty and cosmetics ingredient go-to, now many new beauty products are boasting about the inclusion of glycerin even though it’s been part of moisturizing formulations for decades.

Although technically this one is nothing new, this ingredient offers high performance at a low price point. While it’s known to deliver long-lasting hydration it hasn’t been shouted about as a product in its own right before now, so it's perhaps worth considering whether it should now get a mention on your packaging.


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