3 things to consider when choosing a cosmetic lab

If you are planning to launch a new beauty product to market, your choice of the cosmetic lab you engage to work on your behalf can significantly influence how successful your project is overall.

From product quality to the ability to scale your product with ease to meet growing demand, here are three key considerations that any brand should think about when choosing a cosmetics lab.


  1. Purpose-Built Facilities

Many labs offer a generic one-size-fits-all approach to research and development of new products, but for a beauty brand, it is essential that you opt for a contract manufacturer that offers the facilities you need to carry out new formula creation, testing and beyond.

The ability to upscale operations once your product begins to gain traction in the marketplace can help remove any potential stumbling blocks to large order fulfillment. This will also ensure that your brand makes it to retailers and stores with minimal delay so is a must for those with big ambitions. Double check that your chosen facility has the technology, facilities and ability to upscale.


  1. Industry-relevant experience

If you select a contract manufacturer without industry-relevant experience, you'll miss out on the grassroots knowledge and years of expertise offered by a company that works with beauty brands on a regular basis. Why trust your new product to someone that spends their days developing cleaning products or items that don't fit with your needs?

Not only can industry-relevant experience allow you to unlock some valuable insights, but they also provide access to private label formulas that can be amended to suit your needs and slash research and development costs. We highly recommend seeking out partners such as Adonis who have real, hands-on experience in the beauty and personal care arena.


  1. Regulatory assistance

Research and development is only half of your product’s journey to market. You need a contract manufacturer who is well versed in regulatory matters to help get your products in stores and in front of potential customers.

Choose a company that not only offers regulatory assistance in the country where your product is manufactured but also has expertise in EU dossier consultation and assistance as this will help you to sell into international markets with ease and ensure that you don’t hit any major legal or regulatory hurdles when you are looking to target lucrative overseas markets.

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