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With cooler weather and cozy autumnal vibes fast approaching, one thing you may not have started to think about is how you will switch up your skincare and makeup routines for the new season.

During the summer, you may have introduced lightweight formulas, dewy finishes, and bright pops of color into your routine but, now that it’s autumn you may want to bring in some changes.

Here are some autumn-appropriate beauty products we think everyone should have in their beauty stash.

A rich, hydrating moisturizer 

When the weather gets cooler, our skin can get really stripped of all its natural moisture which can leave your face feeling especially dry, tight, and dehydrated.

The key to keeping your skin happy and healthy over the colder months is getting a luscious moisturizer to repair and protect your face while you sleep.

If you have particularly dry skin, you might want to use a rich cream both day and night to keep your skin’s moisture levels in an optimal state.

However, if you have combination or oily skin and want to steer clear of thick products during the day, we’d still recommend a thicker night cream.

When your skin is looking dry, it can make your makeup also look dry and cakey – something we never want!

A soothing spritz 

In the summer, we love a refreshing spritz to keep our skin feeling cool throughout the day, and we still rely on the spirits in autumn, but for a very different purpose.

We love soothing, protecting spray that will help your skin battle against the cold, harsh climate and restore it to a happy, healthy state.

Look for spritzes that are packed with hyaluronic acid for all the hydrating your skin could need.

A go-to deep blush

Although bright corals, pinks, and peaches are always a hit during summer, they may not be the most autumn-appropriate shades to see you into the new season.

When it comes to autumn shades, it’s all about the deep plums, burgundy,, and terracotta hues that bring warmth to your face while sticking to the signature fall vibes.

A signature dark lipstick

To match your deep blush, we recommend pairing it with dark, vampy lipstick. These shades go perfectly with minimal makeup, dark lashes, and lots of blush.

If red is your thing, go for a dark burnt cherry shade, or go for a more grungey look with some purple or cool-toned hue to amp up the drama.


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