Here are the newest beauty concepts that we’re excited about

The beauty industry is constantly changing, and we love to keep an eye on all the newest developments.

 Here are some of the newest beauty concepts we’re excited about at the moment.

 New skincare innovations

Ever since the pandemic, the skincare industry has been booming. Beauty consumers are now far more concerned with targeting their skin concerns than they are finding the perfect foundation formula.

People are experimenting with new tools – like gua sha, jade rollers and LED masks – and are equally excited about new, innovative skincare products.

We’re seeing things like microbiome skincare growing in popularity, pre-biotic products and fermented ingredients all becoming mainstays on the shelves of the beauty obsessed.

Maximized color

Now that people are improving their skin, the demands of makeup brands are changing.

Consumers are now experimenting with bold lines, bright colors and glitter on a daily basis. No longer are fun makeup looks reserved for a flashy evening, but they’re becoming more the ‘norm’ for those wanting to express themselves.

With edited routines and futuristic influences, consumers are making color more casual – which is giving beauty brands the chance to be more creative when it comes to their new launches.

Genderless beauty

Makeup and skincare have always been predominately targeted toward women, but no more. Beauty has become more inclusive, and we’ve seen more brands coming up with interesting and fresh genderless beauty concepts.

Brands are starting to create products that are targeted to all, using minimalist packaging, effective formulas, and all-inclusive marketing campaigns.

Transparent beauty

After the backlash the clean beauty space received last year, brands are making more of an effort to be more transparent with their beauty products.

More brands are starting to provide detailed information on where their products come from, how they determine their pricing, and what goes on in their company behind the scenes.

It’s making more consumers trust the beauty industry and helps everyone make more informed decisions on products and the brands they buy from.

Condensed beauty routines

Simplicity is going to be a big trend in the beauty industry for a long time. Consumers don’t want to spend hours on their beauty routines every morning and evening.

There’s now a chance for multi-tasking beauty products to really make their mark.

Do-it-all foundations that provide priming, concealing, and blurring properties have been heavy hitters. As has hair serums that condense a whole routine into one product.

Consumers want a dialed-down routine with maximum results so they can get ready quicker and spend more time on the things they love.

What are your current favourite beauty concepts?

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