How to Style This Season’s Hottest Haircuts
Anyone who was around in the Seventies is probably having a sense of déjà vu looking at some of the hottest haircuts of the season. The shag and its variation, the wolf cut, are back in fashion - and cosmetic manufacturer Adonis is offering tips on what products are needed to style one’s hair.

A versatile style that works with any hair type of different lengths, as the name suggests the shag aims to create a shaggy-looking hairstyle. With its choppy layers, tousled look and volume, it is actually a rather low-maintenance haircut as long as the right products are used!

Adonis spokesperson Ann Wilson said: “The shag is a haircut that’s all about volume, so choosing volume-enhancing shampoo and conditioner is a great first step if your hair isn’t the type to be naturally voluminous. In wavy hair, natural texture can be enhanced with a sea salt spray. If it’s especially thin, then a mousse for volume is what you need!

“If your hair has a fine or medium texture, blow-drying from the roots will help maintain that ‘messy’ look that makes the shag so popular. If for any reason there is no time for a full hair wash, then dry shampoo is all you need - it will actually enhance the look!”

Another popular hairstyle that’s making a comeback from the Seventies is the wolf cut, which usually goes on longer hair and that is a mix of the shag haircut and a classic from the Eighties: the mullet.

In the wolf cut, most of the volume is  at the top, tapering down towards the bottom. It works on all types of hair, although the desired look can be harder to achieve on very fine hair. Much like the shag, it is all about volume; mousse is recommended for straight hair textures, and curl-defining conditioner is a must for curly hair.

Both these cuts are easy enough to style, but it’s important to go back to the salon regularly to trim the bangs accordingly, or the ‘messy’ look can quickly turn into a real mess!

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