Hydration and Minimal Makeup Set To Dominate Winter Beauty Trends

Hydrated skin and minimal make-up are set to dominate beauty trends this winter, says US-based cosmetics manufacturer Adonis. While the ‘minimal make-up’ trend has come and gone a few times in the past, it is no coincidence that it has made a strong comeback in the post-Covid world. Today, consumers are once again embracing a more natural look, with Google Trends data showing searches for hydrated skin are increasing across the USA.

Spokesperson Ann Wilson said: “With so many people working from home, the pressure to always look our best in a professional environment has lessened - and we cannot lie, getting to work without makeup and in one’s favorite oversized hoodie every once in a while is bliss!

“Now that life is returning to normal and many have returned to the office, or are settling into a regular home working routine, a need for simplicity has remained. People had a chance to fall in love with their natural look all over again and seek to enhance their features rather than conceal them. A simple hydration routine will keep your skin glowing, and you can build on that glow with lighter makeup products that allow skin to shine through.”

Keeping skin hydrated can be as simple as drinking enough water, limiting showers to 5 to 10 minutes with lukewarm water, and using gentle soaps and cleansing products. Pat-drying skin and then applying your moisturizer while it’s still damp, so that the remaining water can be pulled into the dermis, will maximize results.

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