Incorporating hyaluronic acid to ensure hydration in skincare products

For those devoted to skincare, there's a common goal: healthy, youthful-looking skin. Hydration is important for getting this desired radiance. Skin that is properly hydrated not only looks great but it also feels better. 


But how can you achieve the coveted hydrated glow? Enter hyaluronic acid, a substance that is well-known for its ability to hydrate. As a result of its growing popularity, this miraculous ingredient is a key player in many skincare products.


What is hyaluronic acid?


Hear the word "acid", and you might be inclined to screw your face up. After all, who wants to put acid on our faces? However, fret not. Hyaluronic acid, also abbreviated as HA, is a chemical that occurs naturally in our skin. Because it is a hydrophilic molecule, it functions by drawing and holding onto water. In fact, it can actually contain 1,000 times as much water as it weighs! Hyaluronic acid must be used topically to maintain its effects as we age because the skin's capacity to generate it declines.


How does it function? 


Hyaluronic acid takes moisture from the air and binds it to the skin's surface when applied topically. This not only helps to plump up the skin straight away but also keeps it hydrated throughout the day. The outcome? The complexion appears more youthful and dewy, and fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. Result.


Who can benefit from using hyaluronic acid-containing skincare products?


Many other moisturizing creams, especially those that are thick and heavy, are likely to clog pores and lead to breakouts. This means it can be difficult for those with acne-prone skin to find a hydrating cream that won't exasperate their skin issues. Hyaluronic acid, however, with its lightweight consistency, moisturizes without causing breakouts, making it a good option for almost everyone.


In addition to helping the skin maintain a dewy look, hydration is important for the general health of the skin. Skin is better able to protect itself from environmental stressors like pollution and UV radiation when it is well moisturized.


Hyaluronic can be found in various skincare products, from serums and moisturizers to masks and even makeup. Whether you're a cosmetic or skincare brand, the versatility of hyaluronic acid makes it an ingredient well worth considering. Here at Adonis, we have years of experience formulating products with hyaluronic acid as a main ingredient. If you'd like to benefit from our expertise, then reach out to speak to a member of our team.

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