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Autumn-appropriate products that every skin type will love

With cooler weather and cozy autumnal vibes fast approaching, one thing you may not have started to think about is how you will switch up your skincare and makeup routines for the new season.

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Upcoming beauty trends we think will be popular this winter

Winter beauty trends are among our favorites; unlike summer when minimal is the best way to go when you’re sweating in the heat, during winter you can really play around with your makeup – and not have to worry about it sliding off.

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How to improve your makeup routine in 2022

With being in and out of lockdowns for most of the past two years, our makeup routine got a bit stale. We got used to using the same products, and the same everyday makeup – so much so that makeup didn’t even seem fun anymore.

 But this year, things are going to be different. Now that we’re out and about more, we can play around with makeup, experiment with products, and improve our routines.

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