The 5 benefits of working with a private label skincare expert

As a beauty, personal care or cosmetics brand, you may already be considering the pros and cons of working with a private label skincare expert to help you get your new product idea straight to market.

Going it alone and developing your own formula in a lab may seem like a good idea at first, but bills soon begin to mount when it comes to creating a new product from scratch, meaning that your costings and recommended retail pricing strategy soon gets out of hand.

Therefore, it comes as no real surprise that even the biggest brands turn to private label skincare experts such as ourselves to help a smoother transition to retail stores and to help maximise profits.

Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the benefits of working with Adonis Manufacturing on your next product idea and how you can boost profits, cut back on lead time and tap into years of industry expertise and skincare knowledge. 


Industry insight

One of the biggest reasons that people turn to Adonis Manufacturing for private label skincare is our ability to share industry insight in areas such as trending ingredients, marketing, manufacturing sustainability and by providing educated predictions into what the future holds for the sector in general.

Not just a ‘nice to have’ part of working with a private skincare expert, these elements are all combined to ensure the success of new products entering a highly competitive marketplace and therefore shouldn't be underestimated, so it's essential that any lab that you choose to engage with can offer up this level of industry-specific insight before you proceed any further.


Cost-saving via efficiency improvements

One of the main reasons that you want to get your skincare product in front of potential customers is profit, so you’ll need a private skincare expert that will be able to boost your bottom line by providing the best cost efficiencies without compromising on quality.

This can be achieved only by a purpose-built development lab and manufacturing capabilities that are focused upon delivering quality while streamlining costs where possible, and this is something that the staff here at our 78,000 square ft. state-of-the-art premise work hard to deliver each day.

Although it may seem tempting to take your private label skincare manufacturing overseas due to slightly reduced costs, this can actually prove to be a false economy as many products are not created in line with current FDA or GMP compliance meaning that your new line may be rejected by the very international markets you are seeking to attract, so tread carefully!


Higher quality products

As experts in custom formulation, it is critical that you seek to work with a private label skincare expert who can boast an extensive portfolio of products created for other leading brands as this will give you an idea of product quality.

Using the best quality ingredients is just the start of the process, and any good contract manufacturer working in the skincare arena will also be able to advise you on the best packaging and product labelling to help give your skincare range that high-end look and feel that will help you command a higher price tag.

Therefore,  be sure to work with a company that can offer a 360-degree solution to your needs as having to deal with just one provider for R&D, manufacturing and packaging not only results in a better finished product and cost savings, but it can help save you valuable time too.


Time-critical manufacturing

In the world of skincare, time is precious as new and innovative products and ingredients are flooding into the market on a regular basis.

From taking a full client brief to creating a full product specification along with ingredients list and costings, working with a time-served private label skincare expert can fast-track your product that often takes years of testing and development time so that you can take advantage of any new trends and get your brand out and in front of your target audience far sooner than if you were to start the entire process from scratch.

Better still, many of the formulas already in circulation can be amended to your needs thanks to the skills and experience of the research and development team who are well versed in how certain raw ingredients work together and how they potentially affect skin, so it’s a good way of cutting out the trial and error element and getting your product into stores and providing a return on your investment sooner.


Compliance and regulatory expertise

As a topic we previously touched upon earlier in this guide, it’s not just all about the product when it comes to choosing a private label skincare manufacturer – compliance and regulatory know-how matters too!

Imagine spending a significant chunk of your budget on a new product, watching it travel down the production line and finally getting hold of the packaged finished item only to discover that it doesn’t comply with the regulations of the country or countries that you were hoping to sell into.

Not only have you wasted thousands of dollars, but you may well have forfeited the opportunity to launch an on-trend skincare must-have and only have a consignment of useless, unsaleable products to show for it.

When working with Adonis Manufacturing, we work with each and every one of our clients to ensure that their products will pass current FDA and GMP approval criteria and offer expert advice on the rules and regulations that govern the skincare industry in other lucrative markets.

This way, no unexpected problems arise just before product launch that can prove to be both costly and frustrating, plus you are able to continue with your marketing and promotional efforts 100% safe in the knowledge that your skincare brand meets all current rules and regulations.

For more information on the benefits of working with Adonis Manufacturing for private label skincare products, contact us today to book a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experts and discover the array of time and cost-saving perks that await your skincare brand.