The advantages of having your products manufactured in the USA

For years, many companies have been moving their manufacturing overseas to take advantage of lower labour costs and cheaper materials.


Since the pandemic started and global supply chains were disrupted, the cost savings were no longer worth the long delays that came with making your products abroad.


Now more brands are moving their production back to the USA, but don’t think that this is a compromise. There are plenty of benefits that come with manufacturing in the USA:


Stable supply chain


Even though the global supply chain is not as stable as it could be, having your products manufactured in the same country you operate in significantly reduces your risk of disruption.


No longer will you have to accept delays as materials flow through the supply chain to make your product, or deal with long delivery times, keeping things in America will make things as fast as possible.


Quicker speed to market


When your products are made in the USA, there’s less distance for them to travel between the manufacturer and distributor, meaning they’ll be in the hands of your customer far quicker than products coming in from abroad.


Not only is this good for retailers trying to satisfy customer demands, but it also increases the speed of your sales funnel – so quicker profit for your company.


If your business is growing, or experiencing periods of high demand, having access to this speed to market will be essential if you want to keep up with your demand.


Industry-leading knowledge and expertise


In the USA, we’re lucky to have some of the most forward-thinking and innovative beauty manufacturers.

Companies like Adonis have over 50+ years of research and development experience, so are always on hand to help you come up with the best products possible.

Whether you’re a new company that doesn’t have too much knowledge about the beauty R&D process or need some help coming up with a new product, having access to this expert knowledge will be extremely valuable.

Ease of collaboration

The majority of manufacturers will collaborate with you to create your product, you can easily visit the production facilities and ensure that your brand’s visions come to life.

Many brands may find it hard to have the same kind of control and input when working with manufacturers that are not in the same country.

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