The New Year’s skin resolutions we want to keep all year

We’re a few months into 2022 now, so how many of us have stuck to our new year’s resolutions.

Whether you wanted to get fitter, eat healthier, or improve your skincare routine (like us!) you still have plenty of time to get into the habit if you haven’t been able to make it stick yet.

This year our goal was to improve our skincare routine and have happier skin.

Here are some of the skincare resolutions that we’re planning on sticking to all year long.

  • Double-cleansing

If you aren’t taking your makeup off properly, how can you expect the rest of your skincare routine to be effective?

We think that double-cleansing is one of the most important elements of any good routine, so we promise to do it every single evening.

If you aren’t familiar with the wonders of double-cleansing, allow us to introduce you. Start off with an oil-based cleanser that will break down your makeup (even waterproof mascara!) and rinse off.

After that, you’ll follow up with a water-based cleanser to cleanse your pores and get rid of any residue oil or makeup that’s sitting on your face.

  • Simplifying our skincare routine

We’re over the long skincare routines that take ages to complete, this year we’re focussing on a more simplified approach.

Rather than using lots of products, we’re going to be sticking to powerful ingredients that are targeted to our skin type that do all the heavy lifting.

  • Being consistent

Whether you’re trying to get rid of acne scars, boost hydration or smooth out fine lines, consistency is the key.

You can’t expect your routine to start working wonders from the first night you try it, good things take time.

With most routines, you should start seeing results after a few weeks so give things time and don’t give up on your skincare routines straight away.

  • Never skipping on SPF

SPF is probably the most important thing that everyone should be doing for their skin. Not only does it protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, but it also prevents premature aging.

It doesn’t matter if the sun’s shining, or it’s a cloudy day, SPF is always essential – and make sure it’s at least SPF30!

  • Not forgetting about the rest of our bodies

We tend to pay a lot of attention to our faces, but it’s also important to not forget about our bodies.

Next time we’re applying moituriser to our faces, we’re going to take it down the neck and break out our favourite lotion to give the rest of our body some TLC.


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