What Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers Offer Your Beauty Brand

What Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers Offer Your Beauty Brand

You've always been an ideas person, but are you having trouble getting your ideas off the ground?

With so many variables to consider, it's easy for beauty brand ideas to end up on the back burner. Inventory, supply chain management, manufacturing, space, and consumer demand are just a few challenges that new beauty brands face.

Instead of succumbing to these challenges, private label manufacturers provide an answer for struggling beauty brands. Private label services are like a one-stop-shop for beauty entrepreneurs with big ideas, but who lack the capital, space, credibility, and manpower to compete with top beauty brands.

Are you ready to open more doors for your brand? Learn how private label cosmetic manufacturers are helping brands like your's thrive in 2020 and beyond.

More Time to Focus on Your Brand

A relevant, compelling, and clever branding identity makes a world of difference, and you don't even need to make your own beauty products to build your brand!

Private label cosmetic manufacturers, also known as "white label" manufacturers, take care of critical business operations so you can focus on what you do best — developing a memorable brand with impact.

This is what you get with a white label cosmetic supplier:

  • More than 2,000 high-quality cosmetic formulas
  • Sample kits for your retail stores and field consultants
  • Over 5,000 product packaging options to choose from
  • Private label cosmetics made with quality patented ingredients
  • Fast and efficient beauty product development
  • Products developed in a state of the art R&D lab
  • Beauty product compliance and stability testing
  • Reverse engineering of beauty formulas
  • Troubleshooting and technical support for businesses

You can even work with a contract private label supplier to develop custom beauty formulas for your brand. Through contract manufacturing, you also have access to warehouse storage, shipping services, and additional lab services.

From thousands of products to regulatory compliance, it's clear that private labeling saves entrepreneurs an enormous amount of time. Here are a few ways you can use private label products to build unique beauty brands.

Beauty Branding Ideas with Private Label Products

With so many private label products available, you can really focus on a beauty niche you're passionate about.

For example, if your passion is anti-aging beauty, you could could build your brand with high-quality restorative eye creams, face moisturizers, concealers, serums, and anti-wrinkle creams. Your private label company will also supply you with cosmetic displays for your retail locations and pop-up shops.

With thousands of product packaging options available, you can find packaging that fits perfectly with your anti-aging beauty logo and brand colors.

Are you passionate about organic beauty? Discover everything from vegan brushes to cruelty-free products for your conscious beauty brand. There are even sustainable packaging options that align with your brand's values.

Acne impacts more than 50 million adults in the United State alone. With so many teens and adults looking for quality acne products, this is your opportunity to build a trustworthy brand for acne sufferers. Through your private label supplier, you can package and market hundreds (or even thousands) of high-quality skincare items without worrying about inventory. You could also focus on a few choice selections that you're passionate about. 

Are you a new beauty influencer on social media? You have a unique opportunity to build and scale a beauty brand. A private label manufacturer can help you develop and distribute high-quality products that speak to your brand (and subscribers!)

Private label cosmetic manufacturers free up time so you can focus on developing a successful logo, message, and personality for your beauty brand. For best results, design a beauty logo that works with all your marketing channels — this includes packaging! With more than 5,000 packaging designs available, take your time to pair the the right packaging with the right logo.

Look at the branding identities of your favorite beauty brands. What stands out about their logos, packaging, and brand messaging? A compelling brand coupled with the right private label solution is a recipe for customer loyalty.

Reliable and Consistent Inventory

One of the biggest challenges for new beauty brands is keeping up with demand. All the branding and marketing in the world can make up for the loss caused by lack of inventory. To avoid a website full of "out of stock" items, consider a private label cosmetics manufacturer that has thousands of available products.

You're not at the mercy of multiple vendors when you choose private label. Small beauty vendors can easily run out of supply, even during peak times. You need a reliable supplier that gets you through those peak beauty shopping periods, like the holidays and Mother's Day.

Timely delivery is also essential for beauty brands. Your customers depend on makeup to look and feel their best. With a private label solution, you can expect on-time delivery with impeccable tamper proof sealing. Barcodes are also included for easy scanning and sku creation.

Lack of warehouse space is another concern that can delay product delivery. Extra warehouse space also adds to your monthly business expenses. Fortunately, your private label manufacturer has an answer for this.

Instead of renting out your own warehouse space, use your private label supplier's space instead! With a private label contract, your beauty products are stored safely and securely in your supplier's warehouse. You also enjoy the convenience of quick and efficient order fulfillment.

Provide More Products That Your Customers Love

Customers crave choices. That means your brand can't disappoint. While using multiple vendors widens your selection, it's not a reliable solution for pick beauty customers.

Not every private label supplier has a wide range of products, either. To maintain selection and consistency at your business, work with a beauty manufacturer that has thousands of formulas ready to go. And not just formulas, your customers also need quality accessories, like brushes, makeup remover, palettes, brush cleaners, and brush sets.

Every product bottle, brush, and accessory will be labeled with your logo. Just like product packaging, you need a beauty logo that looks great on everything from small brushes to foundation compacts.

As you grow your customer base, you'll discover which products appeal most to your customers and which ones fall flat. That's why it's good to work with a supplier that offers thousands of product choices.

Improved Product Development

Poor product development spells disaster for beauty brands. Poor manufacturing is even worse. The wrong manufacturer can contaminate a vat of lipstick formula in minutes or ship out thousands of melted concealer sticks. You can't afford these kinds of liabilities.

You need a cosmetics manufacturer that values quality. Quality starts with a world-class private label manufacturing facility that complies with the latest regulations from the FDA.

GMP certification is also essential for any beauty product manufacturing facility. GMP refers to the "Good Manufacturing Practices" enforced by the FDA and regulating agencies oversees. Private label companies also offer additional compliance and regulatory assistance from experts.

This meticulous attention to detail also includes rigorous stability testing for all private label products. All beauty and pharmaceutical manufactures are required to test product quality under multiple conditions, including different humidity levels temperatures, and storage environments.

All finished beauty products should be sealed for freshness and safety. Your private label supplier must also follow the latest ISO 9001 standards, which are essential for monitoring and maintaining quality at all times.

Establish Credibility with Customers

Credibility is a cornerstone of successful beauty brands. If your customers don't trust your products, that's a serious problem for your brand. Don't let your new brand succumb to the pitfalls of a bad business decision.

Carrying multiple vendors can damage your credibility if you're not careful. All it takes is for a vendor to ruin one batch of foundation to cause a dip in sales. Beauty is personal, and poorly manufactured products hurt your customers' self-esteem and your brand.

Don't take any chances. Work with a trusted private label manufacturer with a track record of success. This way, your brand won't fail due to one careless mistake from a vendor.

Reliable inventory is another hallmark of a credible brand. Customers don't like being left in the dark about the availability of their favorite beauty products. Remember, your customers don't just like cosmetics, they need them.

Great marketing helps maintain trust with customers, as well. Use social media, email marketing, and blogging to communicate with your customers about their favorite products, retiring items, and exciting new cosmetics on the horizon.

Every beauty brand must strive to improve if they want to maintain credibility. Customer feedback reveals your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Use this feedback to consistently exceed customer expectations.

A private label supplier works like well-oiled machine to ensures that your inventory flow never skips a beat. Reinforce your private label solution with the right customer engagement and marketing strategies to build trust with consumers.

Save Money on Business Expenses

One of the most appealing advantages of private label manufacturers is saving money. When you add up the advantages, you can save a considerable amount on business expenses.

With a private label contract, you don't have to use separate vendors for product packaging, development, formulation, shipping, warehousing, order fulfillment, compliance assistance, product testing, and custom fabrication tooling. You also save on overhead costs for on-site product development and shipping.

The cost of using multiple vendors also add up. Smaller brands typically don't have enough capital to buy large quantities at cost like large cosmetic companies, which leaves them paying more for less. Private labeling gives small businesses access to the quantities they need to meet consumer demand and compete with other brands.

Expand Your eCommerce Business

Private labeling is essential if you want to scale your online business.

Ecommerce has never been more relevant. Now's the time to expand your business online and deliver excellent eCommerce experiences. As customers make a mad rush for online stores, you need a supplier that keeps up with the growing demand for online beauty products.

Depending on multiple beauty vendors can be a hassle and a liability. When online consumers see the dreaded "out of stock" message in red, they'll jump ship for the competition. A private label solution can provide the quality, consistency, efficiency, and timeliness you need to succeed in eCommerce.

Private label products keep your website looking nice and fully stocked. Your customers can't even tell that you're using a private label supplier! All products look unique to your brand.

Private labeling is just one important piece of an eCommerce strategy. Your beauty brand website also need high-quality product photos and descriptions to capture the attention of customers. Work with a private label manufacturer that offers thousands of packaging choices, so you can test which products look best work best with your brand, logo, and website.

Reliable Business Support

Unreliable support is not only a nuisance. Poor technical support disrupts product availability, quality, and the customer experience.

Juggling multiple vendors means you have to deal with multiple technical support options. You may not always get the support you need, or worse, not even reply to your voicemail. You need a reliable support that's standing by waiting to help.

Private label manufacturers come with reliable technical support. Dependable support is essential for small businesses, especially with beauty brands. Cosmetic customers want fast answers, so you need a support solution that meets demand.

If there's a problem with a delivery, custom product, or label, time is of the essence. You and you customers can't wait for days for a solution. Choose a supplier who values quick and effective communication.

Discover the Benefits of a Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers

Beauty isn't just skin deep. It's a deeply personal experience for millions of customers. Make sure customers look and feel great by a building a brand that caters to their needs.

Start off strong by partners with a private label cosmetic manufacturers that value the needs of your business and customers. Keep this guide handy as you build your exciting new beauty brand from the ground up!

Are you ready to launch your brand now? Contact us today to get started on your journey!