Use a hydrating face mask regularly

As much as we all want to grow old gracefully, there are a few simple things we can all do to keep our complexion looking youthful for as long as we can.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our best glow-boosting skin care tips that are sure to take 10 years off your skin.

Here’s how you can fake a youthful glow at any age.

  • Commit to the morning facial massage

A morning facial massage can go a long way in boosting circulation, plumping up the skin and strengthening your facial muscles.

The morning is the best time to do a facial massage routine as this is the time when your face can look the most dull and tired. With a few simple massage techniques, you can drain away all the toxins below the skin’s surface and prepare your face for the day.

For the facial massage, just apply a few drops of face oil to the skin and use your fingertips – it couldn’t be easier. You can find out more about specific techniques, here.

  • Rethink your skincare routine

You may want to reach for the glowing makeup products, but faking a youthful complexion all comes down to the skincare regime that you follow.

Not only can a great moisturizer form the basis of your glowing skincare routine, but you should also think about adding in free-radical-fighting Vitamin C for brightening the skin, a hydrating serum like Hyaluronic Acid, and an anti-aging powerhouse like retinol to your routine.

  • Use a hydrating face mask regularly 

Just like a hair mask is the perfect treatment for dry hair, a hydrating face mask will work similar wonders on your skin if you want to look younger.

A hydrating face mask will give your skin the boost it needs to strengthen your moisture barrier and provide the glow you’re after.

  • Add some drops of glow into your foundation 

Our final tip is to add some highlighter or glowy serum into your foundation, this will help extend the healthy glow that you’ve achieved through your skincare products.

It only takes a few drops to make a big difference and will prevent your foundation from looking too matte or dry throughout the day. A little bit of shimmer will give you a healthy glow and make everyone wonder how you’ve been able to look so young for so long.


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