Research And Development

Formulation And Laboratory Services

At Adonis we offer a range of services designed to help identify and solve challenges. Our R&D meets the ever changing needs of our customers and remains at the forefront of the competition.

  • Product development
  • Over 2,000 private label formulas
  • EU dossier consultation and assistance
  • Regulatory assistance
  • Long term OTC stability testing

Product Development

Formulating The Future Of Consumer Products

A manufacturing leader of beauty, home, and health products, Adonis offers state of the art lab and filling solutions for the world’s top brands.

Our Capabilities
  • Ready to Discuss Your Needs?

    Custom formula development We offer up to 3 sample submissions to finalize your formula to make sure we get it right

  • Experienced Team of Chemists

    Over 50 years of experience Our chemists and lab technicians are versed in R&D, quality control, and production

Our Passion

We Craft Ideas For Your Favorite Products Of Tomorrow

  • 1 Our team of chemists are committed to creating category leading products that outperform the competition.
  • 2 Our innovative manufacturing processes begin in our R&D lab.
  • 3 High quality consumable products are made with high quality ingredients.
  • 4 Our quality control and quality assurance work together to ensure products go through rigorous testing and continued stability monitoring to eliminate any defects during production.
  • 5 Meticulous ingredient research is put into every product we create, ensuring that every product produced is a success.