Not happy with your contract manufacturing facility? 5 Steps on how to make a smooth switch!

Are you dissatisfied with your current contract manufacturer? Have you noticed a drop in product quality? Or perhaps their communication style simply doesn’t work for you. Whatever the reason, you might be looking to change to a new contract manufacturing facility. If this sounds like you, then we’re here to help. To assist you in making the switch, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide for making the transition to a new contract manufacturer.

  • Identify the reasons for your dissatisfaction: Before jumping ship, it’s helpful to pinpoint the reasons why you are dissatisfied with your current provider. By understanding the causes for your dissatisfaction, you’ll be able to seek a new contract manufacturer that can address these concerns.
  • Research potential contract manufacturers: Once you’ve identified your pain points and uncovered exactly what it is you’re looking for, it’s time to research potential new contract manufacturing facilities. Look for companies that have a strong track record of experience and success in the personal care industry, and positive customer feedback. Depending on the size of your brand, you will also need to consider their manufacturing capabilities. Are they capable of delivering the output you require to meet your customers’ expectations? After you’ve researched a few companies, shortlist your favorites and request detailed proposals from each of them.
  • Request samples and conduct site visits: To get a true understanding of the ins and outs of your chosen contract manufacturers, request some samples of their products so that you can assess the quality of their work. You might also want to consider visiting their facilities, so that you can take a look at how they run their operations. When you’re on the site visit, observe their processes and quality assurance protocols, so that you can gauge their professionalism and ensure you’re not going to encounter the same challenges you’re already experiencing.
  • Review and negotiate the contract: Once you’ve chosen a facility that meets your expectations, spend some time carefully going over the terms and conditions of their proposed contract. Remember to pay attention to factors such as pricing, MOQs, lead times, and other relevant information. If you find something that causes concern, don’t hesitate to contact them and discuss these concerns. After all, it’s important that you reach a final agreement that protects your brand’s interests. A reliable contract will be more than happy to negotiate until you reach an agreement that you’re both happy with.
  • Plan for a smooth transition: Before you look into severing ties with your current provider, ensure to develop a detailed transition plan with your new manufacturer. From discussing the seamless transfer of product formulations to detailing a timeline for the transfer, ensure you discuss any pertinent information so that the transition goes as smoothly as possible, and disruptions to your supply chain are minimal.

If you’re on the hunt for a new contract manufacturer, then why not consider Adonis? Not only is our facility compliant with rigorous quality and safety standards, but we have over 36 years of experience creating products for top global brands. To discuss your current situation and learn more about how we can help, contact us today.

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