What is Private Label Makeup?

What is Private Label Makeup?

Private label makeup is a range of cosmetics products that have been designed and developed by one company, but sold by another under the seller’s own brand. Sometimes, manufacturers may create formulas exclusively for sale as private label products, while other times they may introduce formulas under their own brand if they have one, offering a percentage of the overall production to private label sales.


How Does it Work?

Businesses that create private label products are called original design manufacturers, or ODMs. The ODM oversees all stages of product development and formulation, crafting safe, effective, and compliant non-branded products based on existing buyer behaviors and market demand. There is no need for brands to be involved in any research and development, product design, testing, or manufacturing. Instead, brands simply choose a product from a private label catalogue, purchase it, and brand it.


Why Choose Private Label Formulas?

There are numerous advantages to opting for private label makeup, with the most obvious benefit being that new product lines can be brought to market faster than when creating custom formulations from scratch. It’s also a straightforward pathway into the beauty industry for entrepreneurs with a passion for makeup and cosmetics, a drive to succeed, and a talent for branding, but without a strong and diverse background in the science, chemistry, and aesthetic physiology of makeup production.


A Focus on Branding

By trusting an experienced cosmetic manufacturer with research, development, and formulation, beauty brands can free themselves up to focus on ways that they can differentiate private label makeup through strategic branding and marketing. For example, while five different brands may have purchased the same formula, some will outperform others. In this case, performance isn’t based on the product itself, but rather by the outside of the product, the aesthetics of the packaging, and overall branding.