What’s avocado doing in our skincare products?

As brunch foods go, avocado is a firm favorite. We know it deserves a place on the breakfast table, but what’s it doing in our skincare products? 

As luck would have it, avocado’s credentials extend beyond its use as a creamy toast topping. When it comes to skincare, avocado oil and avocado extract carries a myriad of benefits. Let’s delve into a few of them below.

A powerful moisturizer

In general, avocado oil is made up of around 62% lipids, which include monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The oil penetrates the skin’s natural barrier more effectively than other plant oils, such as almond oil. As a result, it’s a more efficient moisturizer, especially for people who suffer from dry skin.

It also provides effective relief for people suffering from skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, as it soothes and hydrates the irritated skin, reducing the symptoms related to these conditions. 

Rich in antioxidants

Avocado is rich in antioxidants, such as carotenoids and polyphenols, that help to protect the skin against free radicals, which are compounds that form after exposure to environmental aggressors. Free radicals damage the DNA of the skin cells, which leads to signs of premature aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. The antioxidants neutralize these compounds, helping to protect the skin from damage.


Those with sensitive skin will often suffer from inflammation as a response to irritants such as harsh ingredients or pollution. Avocado oil soothes the skin, reducing signs of inflammation. These anti-inflammatory properties also help to reduce the appearance of acne. 

Great for the nails and scalp

The moisturizing and nourishing benefits of avocado oil make it an effective option for preventing nail breakage by keeping the nails soft. Look out for a cuticle oil that contains this ingredient, and apply it in the evening before going to bed.

Avocado oil can also help with dandruff issues by soothing the scalp and diminishing the occurrence of flaky skin. If you’re suffering from a dry and irritated scalp, keep an eye out for hair masks that include this wonder ingredient. 

Treats sunburn

If you’ve forgotten to slap on SPF or spent too much time in the sun, and are suffering from painful sunburn, avocado oil is your new best friend. It contains plenty of nutrients, including vitamins E and D, proteins and lecithin. These nutrients boost healing, which can help to treat sun burn by easing redness and skin irritation. 


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