7 big business benefits of working with a US manufacturer

Are you struggling to decide whether to outsource manufacturing to an off-shore or domestic manufacturer?

You’re not the only one. There are pros and cons to both ways of doing business, which means that many businesses struggle to decide which one to pick. To help make your decision making a little easier, we’ve put together a list of benefits of working with a US-based manufacturer:

  • Ensure high-quality products: US manufacturers are often held to high-quality standards and have to adhere to strict regulations. This means that your skincare products will be stringent quality requirements, so that you can rest assured you’re getting only the highest quality products. The same can be said for regulatory compliance. The US has strict regulatory oversight, such as the FDA, which means your products will comply with the relevant regulations.
  • Quick turnaround times: In the skincare and cosmetics industry, trends come and go in an instant. To stay ahead of the curve, brands need to react quickly to these trends, to provide customers with the products they want as and when they want them. By opting for a domestic manufacturer, you can enjoy a reduced time-to-market.
  • Save on transportation costs: While products manufactured in the US may come at a higher price tag, the proximity of the manufacturer reduces on shipping costs. Domestic shipping processes are a lot simpler, and therefore more cost effective.
  • Reliable supply chain: Working with a US manufacturer can reduce the risk of your business encountering supply chain issues, as you’re less susceptible to geopolitical and international trade problems.
  • A more sustainable option: In this day and age, sustainability is a key consideration for increasingly eco-conscious consumers. By choosing a manufacturer that’s stationed in the same country as you, you’re not contributing to the carbon emissions associated with shipping the products from abroad.
  • Easy communication: One of the main drawbacks of off-shore manufacturing is communicating across different time zones. If you choose to work with a domestic manufacturer, you’ll be operating on the same time zones, meaning communication will be far easier.
  • Support local economies: Outsourcing manufacturing to oversea facilities can damage the local economy. By partnering with a domestic manufacturing, you’re choosing to support the economy, as well as local communities.


Here at Adonis, our 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility allows us to cater for clients across the US, from the US. If you’re interested in partnering with us, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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