Are clean beauty products really better?

With more clean beauty brands and clean beauty products on the market than ever before, many customers wonder, are clean beauty products better?

All the marketing speak and clean myths can be hard to understand, so in this article, we’ll be debunking clean beauty and whether these products really are better than anything else you can buy on the market.

What does clean beauty mean?

‘Clean beauty’ refers to products that are free from ‘harmful ingredients’. This usually means that the products mainly contain ingredients from natural sources.

The whole clean beauty movement started when customers demanded more transparency and information about the products that were going on their faces.

What are clean beauty products?

Clean beauty products are any products that are made using clean ingredients; ingredients that are primarily natural and safe for human use.

However, are we really in danger of using harmful ingredients when we use other beauty products?

Is clean beauty good?

In the US, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) only prohibits 11 ingredients from being used in beauty products compared to the EU which has banned 1,328 chemicals.

But, just because the regulations around beauty ingredients in the US aren’t as stringent as they are in the EU, doesn’t necessarily mean clean beauty skincare is making the beauty industry safer for consumers.

In fact, the scaremongering around chemicals is largely unjustified. Everything around us is a chemical – even water, or olive oil – so even if products do contain chemicals, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to harm you as the best clean beauty brands lead you to believe.

Is natural beauty better for you?

Many clean beauty skincare products will often use the word ‘natural’ in their descriptions, but this is actually an unregulated term when it comes to beauty formulations.

You may also have to be careful with natural clean products, as they could be harsh on sensitive skin and unable to deliver the results that clean beauty brands promise you.

Trusted beauty formulations

At Adonis, we believe that good beauty is good beauty – no matter if the ingredients are clean or natural.

We use our years of experience and testing know-how to formula high quality, efficient products that will target your skincare concerns and deliver the best complexion of your life.

If you’d like to learn more about our formulation process, visit our contact page and get in touch today.

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