Forecasting the Next Era of Beauty Product Manufacturing and What Lies Ahead

Working in the beauty industry can sometimes feel like you’re battling a tsunami of trends that are constantly coming and going. Although it may sometimes feel like you’re fighting a losing battle, there’s no denying that it’s an extremely exhilarating industry to be a part of.

We’ve been tracking some of the newest advancements that we think are going to play a big role in the next era of beauty product manufacturing. Here’s what we think lies ahead:

1.    Enhanced Personalization

Every customer wants to feel like beauty brands are catering to their exact needs, and this is being shown in the increased demands for hyper-personalized beauty services. Customers are no longer happy with the basic formulas they can get from any beauty hall, they want foundations that match their exact skin tone, lipsticks they can design themselves, and hair care products that have been formulated to suit their specific needs.

2.    Clean and Sustainable Formulas

Sustainability has slowly been becoming one of the most important priorities for many consumers and, as the effects of global warming continue to cause havoc across the globe, customers are going to be expecting beauty brands to prioritize clean, sustainable, and eco-friendly products.

This means sourcing your ingredients from environmental sources, manufacturing using clean processes, and picking sustainable materials for your packaging.

3.    Virtual Try-On and VR Experiences

The virtual reality movement is not just a passing trend but will become an incredibly important part of the buying process for consumers.

We’re starting to see more brands introducing virtual try-on options where customers can see what a certain lipstick color will look like on them, without even having to leave their bed. Using virtual reality, brands can even replicate the feeling of being in an actual beauty shop – the opportunities are seemingly endless with this interesting new piece of technology.

4.    Community-Driven Beauty Products

Finally, the last trend that we’re starting to see is the rise of community-driven beauty product creation. The main example of this so far is US-based Beaubble, a brand that empowers creators to launch customized, premium beauty brands.

The platform works with rising YouTube and TikTok stars to create products for their community and provide all the tools, manufacturing know-how, and resources they need to start selling things online.


It’s a fast-track route to manufacturing products but has already proved to be very popular.  It may still be in its early stages, but we’re patiently waiting to see where things go.

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