Selecting the right private-label skincare items for your specific market

If you’re considering launching a new skincare line, there’s no doubt you’ve considered a variety of manufacturing options. Whether in-house manufacturing or outsourcing to a third party, there are pros and cons to the variety of paths you could take. One option you may have considered is opting for private-label products

As the cost of living rises, private-label products provide a way for brands to sell affordable products by cutting out the costs associated with in-house manufacturing. Given that the products have already been formulated, they can be delivered to the end customer faster.

So, from speeding up your time to market to cost savings, the benefits of private labelling are myriad. But how do you choose the right products for your specific market? Here’s how:

  • Identify your ideal customer: Before you can choose the right products for your target audience, you need to figure out who, exactly, that is. Are you targeting an older demographic who is looking for skincare that combats signs of aging? Or are you looking to appeal to Gen Zs, who are more concerned with preventative skincare? Once you’ve established who your target market is, you can uncover their pain points, which will serve as a foundation for your product selection.
  • Choose high-quality ingredients: Once you’ve ascertained the type of private-label products you want to sell, you must ensure that the products you choose are composed of high-quality ingredients. Select ingredients that are backed by scientific research and have a proven track record of efficacy. For instance, if you want to sell hydrating products, then you’ll want your product to contain hyaluronic acid, an ingredient known for its incredible water retention abilities (it can retain up to 1000 its weight in water!).
  • Regulatory compliance: Next on the list is regulatory compliance. The skincare industry is heavily regulated, and compliance with these regulations is non-negotiable. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure that the private-label products you choose are manufactured in accordance with the relevant regulations. It’s important that you discuss this with your private-label product manufacturer, as they should be able to demonstrate that their processes and policies adhere to all relevant regulations and legislations.

Here at Adonis, we have an extensive library consisting of more than 2000 private label products ready for manufacturing and distribution. If you have a particular vision in mind for your next skincare line, then don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we can help turn this vision into a reality.