It’s almost fall so that means it’s nearly time for pumpkin spice and all things nice. But aside from everyone’s favorite Instagrammable coffee, what does that mean for the makeup colors everyone is going to want to be wearing this season?

Every new season is a new opportunity for change and this fall is no different. So let’s kick up some leaves, choose a cozy sweater, grab the lattes, and see what color palettes we’re going to be snuggling up to in the next couple of months.

Why we’re clamoring for color

The pandemic and its aftermath may have ushered in a more natural vibe but, a couple of years down the line, we are seeing a return towards a more vibrant look.

And while most of us all tend to switch up - or down - our cosmetic vibe according to the season, this year fall 2022 is promising to be a little different.  

Playing around with color is back after a few years of au naturel. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush and lipstick are back, baby!

We want to have fun again after the pandemic era of masks, no lipstick, minimal socializing and 

working from home. And that extends to the face we present to the world.

What colors will be hot in fall 2022

It might be tempting to think that fall looks are all about oranges, browns and maybe a dash of olive green. But this year’s tastemakers have something different in mind.

For example, spring 2022 gifted us punchy colors, glitters and graphics.

And despite the weather and clothing styles changing, those trends aren’t going anywhere for fall.

Light blue, in particular, is going to be a thing, so rock that periwinkle eyeshadow or eyeliner while it’s on trend.

But it’s not just about the pastels: Heavy metal is also back in with looks such as a gothic black smokey eye and metallic silver lids on trend too.

Put it this way, this fall is less about the subtle autumnal hues and more about heading into winter with either a disco bright hue that defies all logic or a rock and roll eyeshadow that says “Fall? I’m fed up with laying low and I’m heading straight to party season!”  

But whether you’re more pumpkin spice or Halloween spooky, we think you should carry on rocking your look just the way you like it.

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