What is white labelling?

What is white labelling?


Whether you’ve been around on the cosmetics scene for a while or you’re new to the market, it’s fairly likely that you have heard the term “white labelling” being thrown around. But what, exactly, does this mean?


Essentially, white-label products are “off-the-shelf” products that brands buy, apply their branding to, and then sell. They buy the same formula as another retailer or company, but the end product is made their own through the application of their unique branding.


White-label cosmetics are an excellent option for 

So why do brands opt for white-label cosmetic products over formulating their own? Well, there are many benefits to white labelling:


  1. Affordability: Manufacturing an entire cosmetic product line from scratch is a costly endeavor. Not only do you need to invest in the manufacturing facilities, but you also need an in-house team of experts to research and develop the formula. For small to medium businesses or startups, white-label cosmetics provide an affordable alternative route for launching a collection of cosmetics. They’re also a great way for establishments such as hair salons and spas to introduce their own range of cosmetics to the market.
  2. Quick time-to-market: Another downside of manufacturing a cosmetic product from scratch is that it’s time-consuming. Not only does the research and development process take time, but the formulas then have to go through testing. With white-label products, all this has already been done. The formula is ready to go; all it needs is your branding. This means you can be more agile, respond to market demand with ease, and get your products before your customers as and when they want them.
  3. Quality products: When opting for a white-label product, you’re partnering with an established manufacturer who has years of experience in developing premium products for a whole range of brands. As such, you can rest assured that the cosmetics you’re selling have gone through rigorous testing and are compliant with all the relevant laws and regulations.
  4. Low risk: Choosing white label products over manufacturing your own is a lot lower risk. As you don’t have to kit out a manufacturing facility, you don’t run the risk of losing out on hefty amounts of money should market conditions change. 

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