Four beauty trends for brands to look out for in 2023

Four beauty trends for brands to look out for in 2023

As we head further into 2023, a keen observer can easily see which 2022 beauty trends are here to stay, which are not - and what new trends are emerging just now. It’s clear that the focus on eco-friendly products and brands is one of the trends that’s very likely to go well beyond 2023!

So, what other trends should brands look out for this year? Here are a few…

  1. Focus on wellness

‘One must suffer to be beautiful' is a phrase many girls will recall hearing growing up. Looking back, it was a grim outlook on beauty - that in order to achieve it, it was necessary to sacrifice well-being and sometimes health for time-consuming, painful and occassionally harmful beauty regimens.

The idea has since been challenged, and in 2023 it’s likely to be entirely overthrown: one of the strongest trends that have emerged so far as a newfound focus on wellness as well as beauty. Products are expected to not just make the user look better - it’s expected to also make them feel better and healthier in one fell swoop. 

  1. Multi-use products

With Covid and lockdowns well behind us, people have things to do and places to be - and very little time to waste using three different products when one would serve just as well!

Multi-use products, such as tinted moisturizer with SPF that serves as foundation as well as moisturizing the skin and protecting it from UV radiation, are growing in popularity and are not likely to go anywhere anytime soon. Plus, they can save money, making them very attractive to anybody who wants to look good on a budget.

  1. Gender neutral beauty products

That of gender-neutral beauty products, created and marketed for the people of any gender identity, is another rising trend as more and more people are looking for inclusive and diverse options.  With simple packaging and ingredients that fit a vast array of skin types, these products are versatile and likely to grow in importance as society looks to break down traditional gender norms and embrace individuality.

  1. 3D nail art

Beyond a simple manicure, nail art has become a staple of the beauty industry in recent years and 2023 is taking it to a new dimension - quite literally! Rather than just painting on the nail, this eye-catching trend includes gluing small gems, bows and lace on top of a gel base. Time will tell whether we’ll still see this trend going strong in 2024!


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