Is Dopamine the next big beauty trend?

Ever used a beauty product and felt happy and excited after application? Maybe the texture of lipstick was unlike anything you’d used before, or a powder bronzer smelt like delicious chocolate – if you have experienced this before, you may have experienced dopamine beauty.

The "feel-good" neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward might just be the secret ingredient for the next wave of beauty innovations.

Dopamine's Role in Beauty

Dopamine, a neurotransmitter crucial in our brain's reward system, plays a role in our mental well-being which makes us feel happy or confident.

Dopamine isn't just activated by basic rewards; our senses—sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound—play a pivotal role. Which is why a rich, hydrating cleansing cream or a fruity lip balm can trigger the dopamine release and make us feel our best when using beauty products.

It’s also been proven by research. In some studies, they have found that the act of just applying makeup can elevate dopamine levels in women, a simple yet powerful way to make us feel better and more confident.

How to Make Dopamine-Driven Beauty Products

If you’re already starting to think about how you can boost dopamine in your customers and create new beauty products that make people feel better, here are the two most important things you should consider:

  1. Texture: The texture of your product will have a big influence on how a customer perceives it. Smoothness is great when working with powders, but a rougher texture will convey exfoliation which is great for a body scrub. The texture should match the product function and consumer expectations.
  2. Scents: Scent is a powerful tool that can shape someone’s mood or evoke happy memories. When selecting the scents of your beauty products, think about how you want your customer to feel, and select scents that align with this.

Think About Your Packaging and Presentation

It’s not just the formula of a product that can provide a hit of dopamine, it’s the packaging and presentation too. The visual aspects of your product can influence consumer perceptions and enhance their overall experience.

When you’re choosing your packaging design, think about things like color psychology which can convey different meanings and moods. Choose shapes that stand out, fonts that align with your brand image, and storytelling photos that evoke emotions and craft a compelling narrative for your products.

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