What are Good Manufacturing Practices?
GMP relate to guidelines that exist to ensure cosmetic companies manufacture personal care products that are high-quality and safe to use. In this instance, cosmetics refer to products that are used for beauty preparation or grooming purposes. GMP guidelines cover each step of the manufacturing process, from the equipment used and the facilities in which products are made, to the packaging and shipping of a product. The FDA bans the sale of adulterated or misbranded products, and in following GMP guidelines, manufacturers can avoid the risk of fines or the loss of their license.

    •    Save resources: Putting the policies and procedures in place to comply with GMP guidelines requires an investment of time and money. For new brands and small companies with limited resources, it might not be affordable to put the appropriate measures in place to ensure compliance. By outsourcing to a GMP certified manufacturer, companies can focus their resources on other elements of their business, without worrying about the risks associated with failing to adhere to the correct manufacturing processes.

    •    Safety ensured: The guidelines state that the raw materials “are stored and handled in a manner which prevents their mix-up, contamination with microorganisms or other chemicals, or decomposition from exposure to excessive heat, cold, sunlight or moisture”. By following GMP regulations, manufacturers can ensure that the end products are free from any contamination or spoilage that may affect the final product and potentially cause harm to the end-customer.

    •    Consistency is guaranteed: From the raw materials used, to the protocols followed throughout the manufacturing process, all elements of operations should be carefully monitored and controlled as set out in the guidelines. This adherence to protocol ensures that the resulting products are consistent, which is an important consideration for brands that are looking to build a loyal customer base.

    •    High-quality outcomes: When a manufacturer follows GMP guidelines, it ensures that the products they produce are of a high-quality. This is because materials and batches are sampled and tested to confirm the absence of contamination, and personnel must follow strict procedures and wear appropriate PPE, thus ensuring a first-rate result.

Here at Adonis, we follow GMP guidelines to ensure that we only provide our partners with products of the highest quality. To learn more about our private label or contract manufacturing services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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