How should cosmetic brands target millennials?

Born between 1981 and 1996, millennials have had their fair share of bad luck. Having witnessed the economic downturn in 2008, they’re not so keen to splurge.

However, when it comes to cosmetics, they’re really looking to get the most for their money. Affordability, results, and sustainability are three of the main things millennials look for in their cosmetic purchases. As a cosmetic brand, this means you’ve got to go the extra mile with your products.

With their expectations set high, it would appear that this generation is a hard nut to crack. Not if you know how. We’re going to let you in on the secrets behind appealing to millennials:

  • Ethics are key:Millennials are a demographic whose purchase decisions are strongly swayed by a brand’s ethics, with 83% engaging in values-based shopping. For this generation, sustainability is a big deal. As a brand, this means you need to put your money when your mouth is. Invest in sustainable packaging for your products, source your ingredients from reputable, traceable sources, and ensure fair labor practices all along the supply chain.
  • Embrace social media:According to data released by CivicScience, 88% of millennials report being on social media. This is a huge segment of this demographic, meaning it’s a no-brainer for cosmetic brands to leverage the power of social media when targeting millennials. While Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), and Instagram are the obvious go-to’s, you might also want to consider TikTok. An increasing number of millennials are joining the platform, and the company’s own insights say that 40% of this generation is using the platform to discover new things. If TikTok isn’t part of your marketing strategy, it should be.
  • Showcase diversity: Gone are the days when the “one size fits all” approach still works. For instance, a few peachy shades of foundation aren’t going to work for people with darker skin tones. Offer products that suit different ethnicities so that your products have a wider appeal and your brand isn’t viewed as tone-deaf.
  • Innovation: Don’t just do something better, do something that’s different. Innovative products, born from thinking outside the box, are the best way to attract millennials. Here at Adonis, we’ve got our ears to the ground when it comes to the latest trends and innovations. If you’re looking to launch products that’ll appeal to the millennial generation, we can help.
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